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  1. Charlie Flowers: Blood Honeymoon — June 13, 2013
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  3. A Note About Reviews… — May 29, 2013
  4. A Sufi’s Ghost- Mark Biskeborn — May 2, 2013
  5. The Gift Part 2- Mike Trahan — April 30, 2013

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Jun 13

Charlie Flowers: Blood Honeymoon

 Amazing action from the king of spies….   Riz and Bang-Bang are back! That’s what the product description screams, and what can I say? It’s been too long! The first Riz book broke new territory as a brand new entry into a genre of books that was becoming–for want of a better word–jaded. James Bond …

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Jun 10

Ellen Mae Franklin: The Unseen Promise

Ellen Mae Franklin has turned in a winner with her first effort. Let me rephrase that. Ellen Mae Franklin has turned in THE fiction winner of the year with her first book “The Unseen Promise.” Why? It’s all very simple really! This is fantasy fiction that will give you a kick in the ass and …

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May 29

A Note About Reviews…

I have been asked many times what constitutes a “FIVE STAR REVIEW”… What makes a book THAT special? The truth is it takes more than just a criteria or a grade. It’s something that you need to feel from a book. A FIVE star book has to be well written. It has to be a …

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May 02

A Sufi’s Ghost- Mark Biskeborn


What did I expect from A Sufi’s Ghost? Well, I expected it to be a great read–I always have that expectation from Mark Biskeborn–and I expected it to be action-packed. I expect a lot, don’t I? Let me start by asking you as a reader what you thought of his last book, Mojave Winds? Now, …

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Apr 30

The Gift Part 2- Mike Trahan

  Mike Trahan wrote the second instalment of his spellbinding biography- The Gift: Part 2, finally! I was given a pre-release copy to read and review. What can I say? Not only is it one of the most fascinating books I have ever read, it has topped his first book “The Gift.” (Click here to …

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Apr 24

The Gold Slaves by J.W. Northrup


  Jimmy Northrup has written a book called The Gold Slaves (or as I like to call it- “The Golden Slaves”) because his character development is so strong. What can I tell you about the debut novel from this great writer? Well, to begin with, when Jimmy approached me to write this review I was …

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Mar 23

Covert The Not Known by Jerry Nedwick


I am a child of the nineties. I was not around when Vietnam was at its height and I only know of the war through history lessons, movies and books. When I picked up this book I didn’t know what to expect. Would this be a patriotic cry from a warrior of the conflict? Would …

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Mar 23

Slipping on Stardust by Gordon Osmond


Gordon Osmond is an enigma in many ways. He has reinvented himself many, many times over the years, and it is with nothing less than a great pleasure that I write a review for his debut novel Slipping on Stardust. I could of course, be nothing less than compulsively in love with this book. I …

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Mar 14

The Night of the Cossack by Tom Blubaugh


My latest review is for a book that has recently started to climb again in sales. Night of the Cossack is the first and current published effort by Tom Blubaugh. When I first opened the Kindle publication of this book I didn’t know what to expect. The idea of writing about pre-revolution Russia came to …

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Mar 11

EXCLUSIVE! Refugees From the Emerald City by David Alvin


Sometimes an exclusive comes along. Today is one of those days. David Alvin is a prolific writer who has seen a steady rise in his sales since he wrote his first book. Today, he is more of a powerhouse than ever. His latest book is called Refugees From the Emerald City. I was able to …

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