Jun 10

Ellen Mae Franklin: The Unseen Promise

Ellen Mae Franklin has turned in a winner with her first effort. Let me rephrase that. Ellen Mae Franklin has turned in THE fiction winner of the year with her first book “The Unseen Promise.” Why?

It’s all very simple really! This is fantasy fiction that will give you a kick in the ass and keep you rooted in its pages until you have soaked up every word. The story? Let me start by telling you about that…

The book is set on the alien world of Tarkeenia. It’s a world where everything happens–the good, the bad and the ugly. In many ways, it compares to our own world. Nothing is beyond the realm of possibility and morals, beliefs and attitudes change in a second. The research Ellen has put into making her creative world real is astounding. You really do come away believing that Tarkeenia is a real place. It also astounded me that she took such jaded and overused creatures and gave them fresh light. Think you know a dwarf? Hell, you don’t know ELLEN MAE FRANKLIN’S dwarf! Think you know about fantasy? Think again… She gives a brand new definition of the wordand you will not come away thinking that this is a million miles away from reality- trust me!

So, what drew me into this book? I guess the thing that really got me was that Ellen has such a dynamic writing style. She is really one helluva talented writer and I cannot rave about this one

On the downside–yes, there is a SLIGHT downside to this one–it is her first book and I would like to see how she progresses. I think by the time we get to the third volume of her Tarkeenia books, the world will really know how special Ellen is as a writer.

Want to travel to those exotic lands? Try Tarkeenia. You won’t regret it!

Visit Tarkeenia TODAY!

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