Apr 30

The Gift Part 2- Mike Trahan


Mike Trahan wrote the second instalment of his spellbinding biography- The Gift: Part 2, finally! I was given a pre-release copy to read and review. What can I say? Not only is it one of the most fascinating books I have ever read, it has topped his first book “The Gift.” (Click here to read my review of Part 1.)

Hard to do? Well, yes, the first book was one of those biographies that kept the reader turning the pages. The mounds of 5-star reviews it received pretty much proved that it was a slam dunk from the start. Now, I was one of the first guys to review that book and frankly, I loved every moment of it. I learnt about myself, as well as about Mike Trahan.

Who is Mike Trahan? Mike is one of those guys from Texas you instantly want to share time with. He has stories, experiences and memories that most people will never attain. He was a pilot from the get-go, he went to Vietnam, came back and settled down with his family and became the ultimate family man. He doesn’t brag, boast or beg. He has a very conservative attitude towards the people he spends time with. Mike Trahan is a man you don’t mess around, but you can be sure if he likes you, he will be there for you.

All of this comes across clearly in his book. He has a way of making you feel like his best friend as he pours his life story out for you to read. He is talkative, jolly, friendly at times, but always with a hint of seriousness– any man who witnesses war will have that streak of seriousness. This book is about the Vietnam War- Mike tells it as he experienced it.

This volume has a harder edge to it than the first instalment. We are taken from Texas to a living hell. We are taken on flights that must have terrified and missions that honoured a country. We are told a love story, we are taught about the true meaning of a patriot. Mike Trahan pours his heart out with emotion, vigour and beauty as we are taken with him on a voyage of destruction and re-birth.

This book is another 5-star volume. You can’t afford to miss this one. If you do then you will be missing a part of history you can’t find elsewhere.

The Gift: Part 2- Coming Soon!


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