Apr 24

The Gold Slaves by J.W. Northrup


Jgoldslavesimmy Northrup has written a book called The Gold Slaves (or as I like to call it- “The Golden Slaves”) because his character development is so strong. What can I tell you about the debut novel from this great writer? Well, to begin with, when Jimmy approached me to write this review I was surprised. I wasn’t expecting to be asked to review this book. I think Jim could just tell how desperate I was to spread the word about it and gave in. Let me tell you a little about it.

The book itself is a politically-themed story of a brainwashed people who believe that by working hard they will reach heaven. The ignorant and enslaved people of “Space” believe that they are working together to benefit the gods and take their place in heaven….

In true sci-fi fashion, things are more sinister than they seem. J.W. Northrup has written a book that will turn on your thought-provoked brain cells, and soon you, too, will be wondering–just wondering–about the way our world is going.

J.W. writes fluently with a strong and detailed method. He has a completely individual style, one that shines through even on this his first novel. Some of you may find this book a little high brow. That’s the name of the game, unfortunately. Many of you will marvel as J.W. writes his way through a totally fascinating tale of political proportions. Will the slaves ever realise that they are actually slaves? Will they realise they are not working for the gods? Will they realise that they are actually being used? Treated as… Slaves?

Well, I can tell you that things get more complicated when two of the brainwashed miners find their way to the surface. The dilemma is…

What do they really know about freedom?

I think this novel will probably be the first in a long run of bestsellers for this writer. He has a style that can certainly find its way onto the big screen and this book is a prime suspect for that treatment.

Will this be a teenage sensation or a successor to “Fifty Shades of Whatever”? I doubt it. But is any serious author really after that kind of attention? Jimmy writes with the style and poise of a man with skill. He makes educated and fully-felt swoops with each new line.

Let me stop raving! Go buy the book; and yes, it is intelligent. Is that a bad thing?

Enjoy it!

The Gold Slaves is available through Amazon and through the publisher’s website.

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