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May 29

A Note About Reviews…

I have been asked many times what constitutes a “FIVE STAR REVIEW”… What makes a book THAT special? The truth is it takes more than just a criteria or a grade. It’s something that you need to feel from a book. A FIVE star book has to be well written. It has to be a …

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Apr 24

The Gold Slaves by J.W. Northrup


  Jimmy Northrup has written a book called The Gold Slaves (or as I like to call it- “The Golden Slaves”) because his character development is so strong. What can I tell you about the debut novel from this great writer? Well, to begin with, when Jimmy approached me to write this review I was …

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Feb 22

Chaos Theories by Stephen H. Banks

chaos theories

If you have taken the time to read the biography of Stephen H. Banks on his Amazon page, you don’t need to read any more of this review. The chances are you have already bought a copy of his book Chaos Theories and you’ve enjoyed it. You haven’t? Well… read on and you will find …

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Feb 21

The Dark Communion by Joey Ruff


 ”An unmissable read worthy of any library and certainly one to keep and read over and over again..”   Meet Joey Ruff and his new book The Dark Communion. I was fortunate enough to be asked to review this one. What can I say? At first glance it sounds like a good read. Jono Swyftt …

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Feb 21

New Thriller Courier Takes You on an Amazing Ride

The book is “Courier” and the author is Terry Irving. I know Terry through my interviews and I know he is capable of some slam dunk work. This book is one of those thrillers that you just can’t ignore. Remember “Airport”? Well think along the same lines… Here we go… Back to the seventies…. I had the …

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