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Mar 10

Ken Howard’s Green ROI is a Vision of the Future


Ken Howard has written a book called Green ROI (also known as Internomics: The Lateral Collective Interface). The book is a blueprint for the future, utilising technologies we already have. Now, Ken has written this book to inform us all about the future of the world with a series of lectures and videos.   “Flat …

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Mar 04

The Gift by Mike Trahan

the gift

Mike Trahan has written a book that really does something quite strange. It used to be a fact that a memoir would be a written account of the life of someone with a series of stories to tell. In modern times, post-1990 I mean, the memoir genre has been hijacked by every celebrity, near-miss pop …

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Feb 27

Mojave Winds: Second Edition by Mark Biskeborn


  “Pacy writing at its finest from the pen of Mark Biskeborn….”   I have just finished reading Mojave Winds: Second Edition by Mark Biskeborn. What can I say? Give me a few minutes to digest this one… It’s big… I have a lot to tell you.   I wonder if this is the first …

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Feb 22

Chaos Theories by Stephen H. Banks

chaos theories

If you have taken the time to read the biography of Stephen H. Banks on his Amazon page, you don’t need to read any more of this review. The chances are you have already bought a copy of his book Chaos Theories and you’ve enjoyed it. You haven’t? Well… read on and you will find …

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Feb 21

The Dark Communion by Joey Ruff


 ”An unmissable read worthy of any library and certainly one to keep and read over and over again..”   Meet Joey Ruff and his new book The Dark Communion. I was fortunate enough to be asked to review this one. What can I say? At first glance it sounds like a good read. Jono Swyftt …

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Feb 21

New Thriller Courier Takes You on an Amazing Ride

The book is “Courier” and the author is Terry Irving. I know Terry through my interviews and I know he is capable of some slam dunk work. This book is one of those thrillers that you just can’t ignore. Remember “Airport”? Well think along the same lines… Here we go… Back to the seventies…. I had the …

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