Mar 10

Ken Howard’s Green ROI is a Vision of the Future

Ken Howard has written a book called Green ROI (also known as Internomics: The Lateral Collective Interface). The book is a blueprint for the future, utilising technologies we already have. Now, Ken has written this book to inform us all about the future of the world with a series of lectures and videos.



“Flat out, this book will make you MONEY! Lots of money!”

This book promises to make you “money… lots of money.” I can see where Mr Howard is coming from with this analogy. He gives a series of currently available technologies and then tells us how they can be used and what they can do. I have met Ken and I have found him to be a very interesting guy. He has the drive to make these things happen himself, yet he is sharing them with the world. This isn’t a book you will read for entertainment. This is a book that you need to concentrate on. In the first chapter, he explains about the changes that have taken place, for example, the gamble that became the Internet. Would it take off? How did it change the world? Of course, we know for a fact that the Internet was a huge success. Now what would happen if, say, one of these or all of these technologies Ken talks about took off? Who would get rich? Of course, the people who believed in them would get rich. I guess you could say that this book is not just a blueprint for the future. It is a blueprint for someone with enough guts to take the world by the horns and get rich. For example, Ken takes us through a series of possibilities… Garbage? How can you make money from garbage? He has a plan for that. Energy is also one of his big blueprint ideas. The motto of the book is simple: We have the technology.

As a guy who doesn’t read this kind of stuff, I have to ask myself, “Was I interested?” To begin with, I wasn’t. I really didn’t care one way or another about this book. I liked Ken as a guy and I enjoyed talking to him, but as a book, I wasn’t prepared to buy this one. I have heard many crackpot ideas in my life. This was just going to be another one.


Then I actually picked up a copy. I read the first chapter, aptly titled “Hey, Chicken Little, the sky is not falling in,” and I was hooked. I wasn’t hooked on the writing, I was hooked on the ideas that this book presents. The idea of being part of the future and investing in technologies to make the future green, sustainable and profitable. I think Ken makes some valid points. Why are these ideas not in place? It’s a risk. The technology we have already works and makes money. As the song goes, “Why try to change me now?” I guess whilst our governments are making money from these ideas, nothing will change… Or will it? If the right person reads this book and sees the money-making potential, then perhaps it will change.

Ken Howard promises that this book will make you money. He promises that this is the future; and I am starting to wonder, if this is the future, then why am I not investing? I guess like everyone else I am sceptical of the ideas presented in this book. Ken is convincing and his writing style is similar to that of Michael Moore. I would say in my learned opinion that Ken has got some good ideas brewing and I don’t need to explain his concepts to you. I think that this book may well find itself on many shelves around the world and when it takes off, it will take off. Ken will make sure it takes off. Go and get a copy now. This is just like the book says, a way to make money.

It’s available at Amazon in print format and through iTunes/iBooks.

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